Situations in the hotel: Room

The light in the hotel room needs to fulfil various functions: a clear impression of the room on entering, special effects, decorative eyecatchers, and appropriate lighting to read at the desk or in bed. A lighting control system makes it possible to call up different light scenes. The wallwashers provide a uniform level of brightness on vertical surfaces in the room. The recessed spotlights accentuate desk and nightstand. A floor lamp serves as a decorative eyecatcher in the background.

Ambient luminescence, focal glow, play of brilliants

The combination of room lighting with wallwashing, accent lighting and decorative light makes for a balanced light atmosphere. This facilitates visual tasks at the desk and emphasises material details through directed light. The floor lamp next to the suite becomes an eyecatcher.

Ambient luminescence

Wallwashing gives the impression of brightness in the room. The reflection casts diffuse light back into the room.

Focal glow

Additional accent light on desk and nightstand creates focal points in the hotel room. The directed light of the recessed spotlight ensures excellent modelling by casting distinctive shadows and provides adequate work lighting on the desk.

Play of brilliants

The floor lamp creates a private space around the suite. Its high luminance makes it an eyecatcher, the remaining room fades into the background.

Play of brilliants

The coloured light on the vertical blinds and the floor lamp establish an intensive atmosphere. Using RGB LEDs for floodlighting, the blinds can be bathed in a wide range of colours. A lighting control system makes it possible to set a dynamic progress of light colours.

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