About ERCO Purchasing

We are the ERCO Purchasing division

As a leading international specialist for architectural lighting, ERCO lighting tools represent quality, innovation, design, efficiency and reliability. To meet the high standard of "Digital light is the fourth dimension of architecture", ERCO Purchasing together with the Quality Excellence division take on the responsibility for supply and quality in terms of externally procured products and services.

Together for our common success: the ERCO purchasing team.
We think and work in a holistic way and ensure that the products and services required by our internal customers are available, ranging from sourcing and serial supply to the end of life cycle.

You as a supplier are an important part of this overall system. The quality of your products and services, your participation in development projects and the optimisation of existing products contributes to the fact that, in the end, our global customers are even more satisfied.

The business relationship between you and ERCO is more than just the punctual supply of qualitative products and services and the economically best offer – it is a common path with a common objective: sustainable success for both sides.

How we are set up

ERCO Purchasing provides the company with suitable suppliers for the reliable supply of products and services. Our team consists of three specialist areas:

About ERCO Purchasing

Purchased parts management
Purchased parts management ensures the supply of production with manufacturing material and production-related services. Our development buyers supervise product development, take on the sourcing and accompany externally procured products until these are ready for series production. Our series purchasers then accompany the series-ready parts until the end of their life cycles and take care of price- and range optimisation.

About ERCO Purchasing

Supplier management
The systematic management of our relationships with our supplier partners is a team effort of our buyers and the supplier quality engineers from the Quality Excellence division. Together, they ensure optimal conditions within the value chain and optimise the supplier portfolio.

About ERCO Purchasing

Purchase of investments and services
The investment and service purchasing division purchases products and services not related to production, as well as investments to establish and maintain ERCO's infrastructure.

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